Almas Design is an industrial ceramics manufacturing company which commits to respect the environment and care for its community.

Why be Sustainable?

In both day-to-day and strategic decisions, we strive to create sustained and sustainable economic growth which minimises the environmental impact of the company’s activity.

Almas Design is a global company and therefore has an increased responsibility and mission to contribute to a better and sustainable environment, as well as contribute to the conservation of nature, the environment and biodiversity.

Social Responsibility

“Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact in everything we do as an industrial company.”

Environment & Energy

We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing the energy intensity of our ceramic pieces.

Our commitment is to protect the environment, not to cause damage and to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of natural resources.

Our activity is based on 3 goals:

• The recovery of 100% of our waste;
• The incorporation of recycled materials;
• Efficient management of energy and water resources.

We practise the basic principles of the circular economy: valuing any waste generated.

Almas Design’s goal is to reduce its carbon footprint.

Our History

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