“Our pots are designed by award winning international designers, we’re always looking to the future, to produce something new and exciting in ceramics.”

Ricardo Abrantes, President of Almas

What's New?

We are constantly innovating and launching new designs


Here at Almas we love our pots but we understand that some of you love your plants more than your pots.

Step is for you, the simplicity of this design will elevate the beauty of any plant.

…with your plants every step of the way!


Owls are one of the most magical birds on the planet and the inspiration for this design. We’re also thrilled to win a German Design Award for excellence in product design.


Palladio was an Italian Renaissance architect who was inspired by Roman and Greek architecture. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential individuals in the history of architecture.

His success is based not only on the beauty of his designs but also for the harmony with the culture of his time. It is in that spirit and to pay homage to this great classical architect that we offer you Palladio today.


Inspired by the bark and skin of several different plants, Gen casts intricate shadows across itself, even in soft lighting.


Echoing the texture of slate, layers in cliffs and contours of topographical maps, Geo draws on both the science and nature of the Earth.

Generative Design

Generative Design, is a new technique of using computer algorithms to create intricate geometries that can’t be achieved through traditional design methods.

In a collaboration with London based computational design experts Abnormal Design, and our award winning designers at Studio Levien, we’ve created a new collection of pots using this innovative design process.

Shape & Colour

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